Up and Coming Dogs

These are the dogs in training.  They may stay here or be available at some point. 

If someone catches your eye or steals your heart give me a call




Sweep joined me in April 2018 at 15 months.  He was just started on sheep when he came.  I liked what I knew of him thinking he just might be a good fit.  Fit he has.  Everyone likes him - dogs and people alike.  He is quickly becoming a favorite of folks who are learning to work dogs.  Sweep is advancing quickly.  In a couple months we have figured out flank commands, inside flanks and starting to understand driving.  July arrived halting much of out training due to heat and humidity. I simply made the move from 'training' to using Sweep for chores.  The boy is stepping up.  Honestly he believes he should be accompanying me for ALL the chores.  Looking forward to getting some time in the fall with him to really see what we can accomplish together.


Meg x Coach pups

Sept 2017    WREN   &  NELL    



Wren and Nell are hopefully the next generation of working dogs at Clearfield Stockdogs.  Both are wicked talented.  That instinct apparent in November of 2018 as they watched each and every dog work sheep from their puppy pen.  Soon they were moving to "head' sheep.  Good thing there ware two fences between them and sheep, not sure we have caught them if they got in with sheep.  All those years of selected breeding evident. 

ALL have built in outruns, feel, and a walk up in a 9 mo old pup to die for.



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