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Border Collies with Heart and Instinct to work beside me all day long handling any job asked of them.

FALL CLINIC - OCT 26 - 28 2019 with Jack Knox more info on the opportunities page

Scott sorting of this ewe and her lamb to move in with the new pairs

Scott sorting of this ewe and her lamb to move in with the new pairs


Stock Dogs can be Incredible Partners to you in your livestock operation. 

If you are wanting to explore the possibility of developing the ideal working relationship you have come to the right place.  

That Partnership requires things from you as well as from the dog.





  • the RIGHT DOG for YOU and the WORK that needs done with the RIGHT STUFF to do it well






  • KEEN



BLU one of the very Best partners a girl could wish for.

BLU one of the very Best partners a girl could wish for.



I dreamed of the wide open spaces of the west as a girl living in the Cincinnati suburbs.  Animals have been a passion since I can remember.  Luckily I grew up around horses, was more at 'home' in the country on horseback than in my bedroom.  I graduated college with a degree in Biology, then went back to school for a Veterinary Technology degree.  Working as a tech in a small animal hospital suited me but I wanted something more.

 I moved WEST to South Dakota living in a small rural community that had more cattle than people. Much of that area is that way. 

Working as a vet tech there meant cattle experience, soon I was enjoying helping neighbors with their cows and calves.  The first sheep that 'happened my way' was walking down the center of hwy 20 toward Valentine, NE.  What is a girl to do but stop so the Suffolk ewe doesn't become a lanolin grease spot.  Putting a dog leash around her neck pulled off the hwy to come up with a plan.  Yep put her in my car. 3 dogs now taking the passenger seat mind you.  I will save that long story for another place. 

That 1 sheep must have been sent from above because she changed the trajectory of my life for the next few decades (and counting).  Bottle lambs, then ewes of my own grew to a flock of 50 quickly.  Needing GOOD, WILLING HELP I decided on a BORDER COLLIE PUP... the rest shall we say is History


“My life with sheep and Border Collies began with one wondering ewe and a Border Collie pup named LUKE.”


Luke was the first Border Collie, there have been many more.  All coming into my life leaving an impression, all teaching me a lesson or two.  

I am Forever Grateful to each and Every One of them.

You can check out my Present Working dogs, Young Ones coming up through the ranks and some of those who Paved the Way.

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Check out the training opportunities here at Clearfield Stockdogs and read about my adventures in my farm blog

Spring and Fall Clinics scheduled most years

Year round Lessons available

Training Fun Days multiple times a year



My mission is Four fold.  

1. To build a great partnership with my Border Collies to enable me to raise and sell the best grass fed lamb possible. 

2. Raise, train and offer for sale Border Collies that suit livestock producers and production agriculture. 

3. Offer training opportunities at Clearfield Stockdogs for you and your stock dog enabling you, your livestock operation and your dog to benefit from the things you learn here.

4. Learn Continually


PHILOSOPHY                                        My thoughts about stock dogs and how best to train                                                                                                   them has evolved over the years.  I began thinking the training                                                                                                    was about Obedience and Making the dog do as I say.                                                    


I have learned that these dogs Want to Work and Want to Please you.  They are bred to be that way.

Developing a relationship built on Trust, Respect, and Mutual Understanding with a dog that has the right disposition and correct Instincts to the job you need done is far superior to obedience / mechanical training where you have to see and tell the dog what to do and when to do it.  Using the dog's Instincts that are bred to be there, allowing the dog to use it's Intelligence making adjustments as it sees necessary will benefit you and your stock.   

Jack Knox is famous for saying, "Make the right easy and the wrong difficult."  "Correct the wrong."                  "Allow the dog to use it's mind."    "It is not the Correction that works it is the freedom behind the correction."     

  If you teach the dog to respect you and the stock, and to think for itself then the dog will be trying to please you and trying to do as you ask - without needing a bunch of commands.                                   




Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about Border Collies in general or if you are a livestock producer looking for information on how to incorporate these amazing dogs into your livestock operation I am happy to visit with you.  A phone call is best.  If you would like to email do so at denice.r@lycos.com Already have a dog and need help I will give it my best shot.  Lots of info on this web site about lessons and training clinics. 


Check out my Clearfield stockdog and sheep blog -   https://clearfieldstockdogsheepblog.wordpress.com