Present Working Dogs








Meg is my very first home bred, raised, fully trained girl.  She will always remain at Clearfield Stockdogs. I remember the exact spot she was born.  Meg has her mom's determination and grit - a Jack Knox bred bitch (Gemi) Meg is a granddaughter to J Knox's Imp Jeff and Gael and Canadian Lines - Chub and Jiff from D. Gellings and N. Close's CV Joe  

Meg began working young, crawling into the sheep pasture rounding up 60 ewes.  I had to teach her to call off so I could have catch the wee thing since she was on the opposite side of the flock like a good Border Collie should be.  A built in outrun, determination, no back down evident from day 1.  True to what I saw as a young pup she took her first nose as a 6 mo old pup working for Bobby Daziel at a clinic here.  He had her on a long line walking her up to sheep.  He thought he had just gotten her in over her head when a ewe faced her.  She jumped to reach the ewes nose that day convincing it she was not to be triffled with.  Bobbie raised an eyebrow asking again how old she was...

To this day she is the go to girl when I need a killer outrun, feel, and patience a mile long all backed up with grit.  Meg and I are alot alike  we will give you lots of room but don't mess with us to much.  If pushed we bite.


What we’ve accomplished:  Meg has had three litters of pups who are working both cattle and sheep across the country.  With very limited trailing (3rd trial to be exact) she qualified for 2013 USBCHA Nursery finals. She has a slight baby lamb addiction which she enjoys every spring. Most of her accomplishments are seen only by her sheep and her very grateful handler.

My Lambing GIRL - couldn’t do without her calm determination




Out of

Scott came to me at 8 mo old.  A friend had him, I happened to see him work and thought he had a spark, something special I wanted to explore.  He didn't know his name but the boy knew sheep.  Sure didn't need another dog but it was some of the best money I every spent. 

He has great bloodlines behind him Imp. Penllywn Taff  and Imp Tess.  Taff  is out of Moel Jock and Floss who N. Watkins runs.  Tess goes back to nice dogs as well Bobby Dalziel's Gael W.D. Jone's Mac and J. Cropper's  #Cap .  He is a bit addicted to doing most things 1000 mi an hour.  I think he must drink jet fuel.

Scott has taught me a ton, hopefully he can the same of me.  Always driven and dedicated, a bit slower maturing than some but never lost that Spark.  He drives like no other dog I have ever had, passing that skill down to his pups and grandpups.  There were days I questioned if he would ever mature but now at 7 yrs old he continues to get better which is a feat in itself.  Most dogs get to 6 or so and few improvements come in later years.  There is not another dog who tries to please any harder than Scott does.  Hoping the working partnership lasts another seven.   

What we've accomplished:  Scott has taught me we can't fail as long as we keep trying.  He has sired some excellent pups and better grandpups that are working both cattle and sheep.  The pups not only have what it takes to work but have his incredible endearing personality, a good dose of speed and that never quit attitude.



Lizzy is my Scott x Griz girl born in           .  She has many similarities to her dad; jet fuel gusseling speed - check, always tries - check, willing anytime anywhere - check, great disposition and personality - check.  She has been a bit slower maturing than many of my dogs but I am willing to wait on her.  Now headed into her third year she has made huge strides forward.  When she shifts down from 'Rocket Speed" to think she is incredible.  She has great Feel and Instinct and is enjoying Driving like her dad.  Lizzy is teaching me - just because I think we should be at a certain point or she should be doing something ...I am learning to WAIT on her.  Leave what I expect to find and simply enjoy what is.