Typically I have a Spring and Fall clinic be sure to watch for upcoming dates

NEXT CLINIC ---  OCT 26 - 28 Three day clinic with Jack Knox Limited Working Slots - three day fee is 400.00 for one dog/ one handler - lunch included

Dogs must be up to date on vaccines and heartworm prevention/test, deworming and current flea/tick meds yes I will check to ensure the safety of all participants - human, canine and ovine

Auditing fee - to come watch without a dog 60 a day or 160 for 3 days

EVERYONE MUST REGISTER - Working spot ONLY HELD with full payment Registrations due by OCT 15 but I suggest getting payment in early to make sure you can work with Jack



The training clinics are held in Switzerland County in Fairview, Indiana. ( 1 hr from Cincinnati,OH -  2hrs from Indianapolis,IN  - 2 hrs from Lexington, KY)  Several places to stay 30 min to 1 hour away in Rising Sun, Aurora, Madison and Carollton KY

The Clinics are Open to ALL LEVELS   ALL BREEDS

We will be limiting the number of working/dog spots to allow each team adequate time.  
The sheep will be wool sheep and lambs along with a few young Katahdins.  There are appropriate sheep for all work.  We have a variety of places to work appropriate for different stages of training - a 60ft round pen, a 250x150 training field and larger areas when needed.
ALL DOGS COMING ONTO PROPERTY MUST BE CURRENT ON VACCINATIONS, HEARTWORM PREVENTION, FECAL CHECK AND Flea and tick meds - I will check information with your veterinarian.  This policy ensures minimal risk to other dogs attending the training clinic.
Lunch and refreshments are generally provided.

Clinic Format
REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED with form and full payment to hold your working spot.  Typically due 1 month prior to clinic
 The usual clinic format - working once before lunch and then again afterward.
If you want to work a different dog in the morning and afternoon sessions this must be OK'd by the clinician.
You may enter any or all days of the clinic.
Clinics are set up so that you learn from every handler and dog that is attending the clinic.   
It is not necessarily the amount of time You work with Your Dog that will be the most beneficial -  it is the information you take home from the clinic that will help you with each dog you work with.
It is a good idea to come to the clinic with goals for yourself but the clinician may see other things that need to be addressed.
You may want to consider private lessons if the clinic format and learning from everyone else is not what you are looking for.                                                                                                                                                                                           Each Clinician hold the clinic as they see best.                                                                                                                          

Auditing (come learn without a dog) is available for all clinics but you also must register


  • I expect everyone will be encouraging and respectful of each other.

  • Dogs must be on a leash or in a crate when not working.

  • You need to pick up after your dog.

  • DO NOT drive into yard if gates are shut. The gates are closed to protect my dogs and sheep. Before the start of clinics I need to not only let my dogs loose to do their thing but also am moving sheep to different areas across the yard

  • IF you need to leave please make sure all dogs are with owners on leash before you start your vehicle

  • IF your dog is not good with other dogs or people I let me know

  • Many clinicians do not allow video taping so please ask for permission

Entry form and check must be received by One Month prior to the clinic date.  Working spots will only be held when I receive full payment. Checks will be cashed upon arrival at my convenience. 
 If you have paid for a working spot and are unable to attend you are welcome to sell your working spot.  The person you sell your spot to must contact me and fill out a registration form, the money exchange will between you and the person you sell your spot to.
 Refunds Only if clinic is canceled. 
 Please email me if you are interested in a working spot and it is past the entry date there may be spots open.

We will adjust the clinic start time depending on the time of year, temperatures and do what is best for the dogs and livestock.   
We will work rain or shine. Dress in layers, it get windy here
No camping due to guardian dogs and no available firm parking for big rigs, several RV parks within 30 min

Be sure to bring a chair, notepad, dog crate you can set in the shade, ect.
We will try to get together with everyone and go out to supper one evening.

Email or call with any questions 605-842-6321 cell -