The farm is in Switzerland Co Indiana, the southeastern corner of the state.  Abundant hills, woodland with meandering creeks, wildlife, small flat cropland that is either planted corn or soybeans, small farmhouses, Amish communities and plenty of narrow winding country roads.  Livestock is not incredible common those that have stock usually have a small group of Angus commercial cattle .  Hog farms are still fairly common.  A few goat herds here and there and some sheep flocks round out the stock.  

My folks purchased the farm in 1990.  Tons of work went into the land and the buildings.  The house and barn have been extensively remodeled.  The crop land is rented out to a local farmer.  I moved here in 2007 brings a couple Jersey cows, a horse, 25 ewes, Chewy -a guardian dog, and 3 Border Collies - Luke, Lad and Star.  Pastures are rotationally grazed bringing renewed 'life' to the farm - more diverse forages, better soil health and increased wildlife.  Just tonight a Quail walked through the yard and a Red Tailed Hawk sat at the top of cedar tree looking for supper.