Dogs that Paved the Way...


 The FIRST....He was my constant companion keeping me company no matter what I was doing from fencing to checking cattle to working sheep.  This boy did it all and saved my butt a time or two in the process. 

He showed me just how dedicated Border Collies are.





                                                           Lad taught me a ton since he came to me after years of working large                                                                                 flocks in the western US and Canada.  I learned just how much I did                                                                                    not know about stock.  Daily he taught me about stock dogs and                                                                                           working stock.  He is the dog that opened my eyes to the possibilities.                                                                                It took me years to come close to the handler he deserved.   





Blu came to me in 2010 as 5 yr old.  I bought him sight unseen on the advice of a good friend.  I could tell the day we met he was special.  Brought him home, took him to sheep and he worked like we had known each other forever.  Instant Connection from day one that only became stronger.  He was my first open trial dog and my partner that I trusted without a shadow of a doubt on the farm.  Blu could handle anything.  The boy could read my mind.  Blu has been mostly retired since he reached 12.  Now over 15 I cherish the moments we have.

My Boy BLU

My Boy BLU



Griz came as 1.5 yr old who I was told didn't work sheep.  One look at her pedigree showed me that maybe she was simply in the wrong place.  We hung out a couple days then went into the training field where she promptly gathered the sheep.  Griz was a great trail dog  - a natural gather to die for, straight lines like no other...She placed well in the couple trials I ran her in. I bred her twice, both times she had nice pups that worked well.  Not being able to get off the farm much to trial I made the tough choice to move Griz somewhere where her talents could be used and appreciated.  That home proved to be with Claudia in NM where Griz is kick'en butt and taken names on the trail field with Claudia.  IF there is a perfect first trial dog Griz is it.




 Zeva is a pup from the first Griz x Scott litter.  I kept two girls Ivy and Z.  Ivy  left for Idaho as a well started one year old, she was quite the working girl.  Zeva caught on to things quickly, simply a dream to work.                            Almost never needing correction.  You simply showed her what you wanted and she would give it her best shot.  She was a nice blend of both parents having Griz's quiet demeanor, wide outruns and straight lines with a bit of Scott's work ethic and his love for everyone.  Zeva had a litter of pups with a friends Border Collie Marco. Those pups were some of the very best born here working both cattle and sheep.  Part of the problem with breeding and  raising pups is you can't keep them all.  Lizzy is the same way bred and tougher to handle so Zeva went to work for a couple raising fine wool sheep in the east.  I miss her a bunch but I can't get all the young ones the work        they need to develop their skills unless I move some dogs on to work with great folks on their farm.


For the AAAWWWW factor - some of the pups raised here, now working around the country....

Don't worry more photos on the way...


Guardian Dogs

Life with sheep would be significantly more difficult without good Livestock Guardian Dogs.

CHEWY was the first.  A kind boy with a big heart and bark to match.  His deep rumble is missed.