"I have learned so much from Jack Knox that transcends sheep herding. I have learned to have a different--and better--relationship with all of my dogs."
Jana Wilson

"Denice put on an awesome clinic with Jack Knox. I would highly recommend anyone going to it. I learned so much. (And I have so much to learn!!). She has the perfect place to have a clinic. Different sized lots, nice big pasture blocks, and a round pen. She worked really hard to put on the clinic and it made it a great one. If you have a dog, travel and go there. There were folks from several states away and they said it was definitely worth the trip. I guarantee if you go once, you will be back. If you don't have a dog, get one. I'm so sorry for you. I wouldn't trade a good one for 10 rednecks on four wheelers. Mine saves me so many steps every day. It is so much better for the stock. They learn that the dog guides them to better things such as fresh grass and to water. In time, you will wonder how you lived without one. Denice's clinic is for everyone. There were rescue dogs there and some dogs had seen livestock only once. I appreciate how patient Jack is and explains everything so you can understand it no matter if folks have a lot of experience or none. It's amazing how many things in teaching a dog can apply to us too. Good stuff. I had a great time and will never forget it and you will do the same if you go. I promise you that."
 --After Travis had been to his clinic and continued to work his dog at home ...

"I have been to one at Denice's place and I learned a lot. I would highly recommend going if you raise any kind of stock whether you have a dog or not. Once you go I guarantee you'll want one!! Jack is highly skilled at handling dogs and if you or your dog are having trouble working together he will fix it. I have even seen him take rescue dogs and make them herd sheep. After going my dog and I were able to do more herding than we ever have been. I use him to have sows, boars, and fat hogs now along with the sheep. None of it would have been possible without Jack teaching me new things and help me with what I was doing wrong. Take the time to go even if you are busy and I guarantee it will save you even more time as you move your livestock. It's worth every minute." 
Travis Flora

-- Travis is a sheep and hog producer/ crop farmer in northern Indiana.  He has a flock of about 350 ewes that he shed lambs 
in winter and then pastures both sheep and hogs on farm ground which he double crops using the livestock to harvest one crop
as they are rotated through the fields.

 "We've known for several years that we wanted a border collie and when the time was right my husband mentioned he had heard Denice and her dogs. With two small children we didn't want to get a dog from just any breeder or a shelter because we wanted to meet the parents make certain the dog would be a good fit for our children and active lifestyle. When we first met Denice and her dogs at the farm we knew that this was what we had been looking for. Denice wasn't going to let just anyone have one of her dogs - she worked hard to make sure each puppy was a fit for the owner. Denice was a pleasure to work with and has continued to give us advice and pointers on training our dog, Tuff. While Tuff isn't a "working dog" like most of his family, he is a very active dog. He does excellent in the car, on day trips, visits to the farm, and hikes. We wanted a dog we could take just about anywhere and Tuff is that dog. It was clear from the start Tuff was smart and not only willing, but wanting to learn new things. He continues to impress us with his ability to learn. I think Tuff has great potential and look forward to seeing him grow up with our children."  Elizabeth & Ryan Holtkamp
 tr     t R  Tuff

"I know I have said this already but I need to say it again. IVY is the PERFECT dog for us! It has been a long time since I have had a bonded relationship with a dog. The last was 15 years ago with a Cocker Spaniel that was a stray HBC. 

Ivy is working so well. She is holding sheep in corners, herding cats...LOL herding our new piglets...LOL riding in the pick up with me  everywhere...starting to work cows...goes with me to other ranches and is helping me with cows there. Our 
sheep have given her a hard time...she has stepped up and now she has the respect she deserves!!  I could go on and on. :)

Giving you the heads up that we will be wanting to purchase another working dog next year. I can see why in some instances two dogs working as a team would be very helpful!!! No pressure! LOL" - Deb Luther  Idaho

BENbenThe young boy is fitting right in!  We love him.  Can't wait till he is old enough to help with sheep.