Pasture Raised and Grass Fed Lamb
Lambs are born late winter to early spring and raised as naturally as possible.  The ewes and lambs   come and go pasture as early as possible while hay is provided for them.  Spring brings warmer weather
 and lots of green grass enabling the sheep to be out in the pastures full time.  The pastures are
rotationally grazed allowing us to naturally control the weeds and giving the sheep continually fresh pastures through the growing season. 
No pesticides are used, no hormones or steroids are given to the lambs.
There are times we can have a drought and grass just simply does not grow.  The lambs are then moved to allow the pasture to rest and fed traditionally.
Feed does not have antibiotics if lambs are fed grain

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 Our Grass Fed Lambs are typically harvested in the fall.
You are able to purchase a half or whole lamb

We only have lambs processed after it has been sold and a deposit received so the lamb is as fresh as possible for you to enjoy.  Keep in mind it can take several weeks to have the lamb processed depending on when an appointment is available.


Any lambs that do not meet our strict standards are sold through the auction market and are not butchered as Clearfield Lamb

Sheep are managed with the help of  Livestock Guardian Dogs and Border Collies

Contact us to reserve your butcher lamb  cell 605-842-6321